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Brake Caliper Advice Needed


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I've a 52 plate D4D, and I went to change the pads expecting a similar setup to my Carina E and apart from finding out I needed a 7mm hex bit to undo the guide bolts, I havent got a clue how to get the piston off the inboard pad. The caliper wont just slide off the pads. I assume its held in place by the spring on the inside pad back, but how on earth do I get it off. Its really stumped me, I've never encountered it before. I dont suppose anyone could give me a walkthrough of the procedure involved. Any help would be great.

Mucho Gracias

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Just get a small scredriver between the pad + piston and prise it off - should be a 3 or 4 prong spring attached to the pad backing.

Copper- slip the new brake pad backings and contact points before fitting them.

Dont forget to pump your brake pedal up before driving the car.


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Hi Mick, thanks for the help, but I dont think I explained it very well. I've undone the hex bolts but I can't lift the caliper up or off, so I can't get to the pads at all. What am I doing wrong, probably mindblowingly simple but I'm just staring at it and cant figure how to slid the caliper off the pad carrier with the pad spring stuck in the piston.

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Thanks guys for the advice, I've done the job no problems at all. It was simple, the pad unclipped easily, I didnt realise the caliper slides off with the pad still attached to the piston, just looked harder than it actually was.

Thanks :D

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