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Door Panel Removal


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I have a 98 Avalon XLS and the drivers door lock will not lock when the button is pressed - but the other doors will. The problem is most likely the motor and I want to take a look at it but am having trouble with the door panel. Is there a screw under/behind the control panel on the door (the one that controls the windows and locks)? Does anyone know how to remove the panel or know where I can get step by step instructions on how to do it? I have tried to pry up the control panel but it doesn't seem to budge.

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not entirely sure but most people forget the small screw behind the door handle/lock (inside), its normally in the recess where your fingers go and is covered by a blanking plate.

there will be another one in the top left of the door some where and there are normally TWO big screws in the arm rest, then un pop all the trim cliops along the bottom and and up both sides.

The control panel is clipped into the door and shouldn;t be removed as everythign is accessable from behind, when you've removed the trim from the door.

Also remember to pull away from the door and slide it upwards out of the window recess along the top at the same time.

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