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Some Updated Pics Of My Car

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Had a busy weekend last weekend getting some of my bits fitted. Did the clear front indicators, dump valve, gauges and control unit and stereo. Just thought id take some pics of the car and the mods











What dya think?! Oil temp sensor isnt connected to it yet but still wired the gauge up.

Big thanks to Gareth at newera for prepping it for me and wiring the rear lights how i wanted em! Cheers bro!

Hope y'all like


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glanza mk, do glanza lights do that as standard ie, top and bottom light illuminated at same time? thanks t

They do indeed light up top and bottom on all Glanzas - it's a different unit on the left hand side compared to a UK spec Starlet which has a reverse light at the bottom and the right hand side usually has a fog light at the bottom.

Good idea Glanza MK getting the fog light wired into the existing unit so you didn't have to cut the rear bumper!

Loving those gauges!!! Pure s*x in a pod!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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god your car is nice,i thought newera had a bit of stick from people saying they wernt very good,im guessin youd argue that?

you mind pm'n me sum info about them,how much you payd etc if you dont mind,as im after a glanza perhaps now

Cheers guys! I got gareth to add the foglight to the bottom of the drivers side cluster. Its just a combination side/brake light bulb and works a treat!

Glanzav: The gauges are indeed sexual! At night you can see them from the car behind. Had quite a few people comment on them :thumbsup:

Captain starlet: Not sure where thats come from mate! Newera are pretty much regarded as being best importers in the business. Ive never heard a bad word about them. Only problem with my car was the delay in it being prepared, but this was problems out of there hands. Ill pm you later all the info. For the time being:


Hope this helps mate!

Cheers again fellas

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dat looks amazin. its weird how much better it looks wit the clear front indicators! also them gauges are one of the best lookin ive ever seen (an i seen a few!). could u PM me where u got em and how much u paid plz. (and the pod)


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