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Gti Front Wing

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I have used the search function to see where i would be able to buy a front wing for a GTi. Fensport seems to be the only place mentioned, however i cant find what i am looking for on their site.

Two questions:

1. How much roughly should i be looking at paying

2. Any other places that i can try

Thanks for any help :thumbsup:

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Hi welcome to the TOC :thumbsup:

So you have a Corolla GTi (built 1987-1992) nice car :thumbsup: (but then I would say that wouldn't I :lol: )

...And your front wing(wings?) needs replacing ...front wheelarch were the two clips attach to the plastic inner arch ...yes?

The wing is available from any motorfactors that does aftermarket body panels (but beware of arch lip, more of later) for about £47 - £65 (inc. V.A.T.) Quite a price difference depending on wHere you buy it from yet will still be same aftermarket panel.

The alternative is to buy it from your local Toyota dealer, it is still available as a genuine panel and the fit will be correct, plus it will have the correct flair to the wheel arch lip. Unfortnately the front wings produced by the aftermarket boys don't have quite the same front wheel arch lip as the original panel. Although from a distance the GTi wing and a standard Corolla front wing look the same, when you actually put the two side by side there is a very slight difference to the wheel arch.

But ...the Genuine wing comes at a price when bought from Toyota ...£96 (inc V.A.T) so the choice is yours?

With regards to replacing the wing it is held on by a series of 10mm bolts/screws - - - about 17 in all - 4 along the top were it joins the innerwing, 1 at the top of the door pillar, 2 behind the side light, 1 a bit further down from sidelight (sometimes), 1 upwards holding frontbumper corner to front wing wheel arch (usually broken away due to arch rusting :rolleyes: ) 6 holding plastic arch into wheel arch (of which some are held by plastic clips for the screws to go into, try not to snap these) and in GTi's case the front part of side skirt and lastly 2 bolts will be at the bottom of the wing, these last two can be rusted in solid so WD40 or even a bit of heat will be required.

You will also have to buy some 10mm bolts/screws from Toyota as well because some will be well rusty. Do spend a few extra pounds a buy the correct fixings of Toyota and not use some cheepo self tappers from the Hardware shop! If using the correct fixings it will help you line wing up better (the gap to bonnet and door line should be around 5mm.).

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