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Number Plate Conundrum


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Currently I have a rev5 JDM imported turbo, this of course is complete with JDM number plate holders at either end (ie they accept the 'square' type plate only)

Now, ive been on the old dvla website as you do, and have fell in love with a plate, however the effect is completely destroyed with the square shape plates :(

So, do I just buy a UK numberplate holder for the front? is it that easy? (and if so where from!)

Which brings me to the rear, now over on IMOC there is a picture (sorry to steal the link!)


That effect is perfect, and as you can see the plate fits totally spot on and would work like a charm, question is, where on earth do you get a plate made up so specific, I know there are links and suchlike to places on the web, but it really does have to be spot on :huh:

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I believe that plate will be smaller than the standard one... so it can fit in the JDM 'square' numberplate slot.....

This is illegal... you will prolly get pulled for it... one of my mate's has.. (even tho it looks very cool :P)

*will try and see where he got his from tho

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