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2jz-gte Variations.

Karma Supra

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Hi folks, I may have seen the engine I want for my 2JZ transplant... it is however out of an Aristo, not a Supra mkIV.

Does anone know if there are any differences between the two engines, other then the mounts and the sump?

If the sump is difference, is the Oil pickup for the Oil pump different too??

CAn anyone confirm any of this??

The engine also includes a manual ECu and loom, I take it the Supra dan Aristo ECu are different... of is the Aristo mapped slightly different to be a bit more "civilised"??


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AFAIK only the sump and Oil pick up are different but it is possible there are other things.

A few guys in the US have used Aristo lumps without too much hassle. One thing that may well be different off the top of my head could be the Oil filter\cooler arrangement but its no biggy.

As you suspect i'm sure the ECU's will be different but i can't give you any details as i'd only be guessing.

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How are the turbos different Matt?? Looking at a picture of one I can't seem to see the sequential turbo mechanism.. Mounts will obviously be changed asap ;)

Is therea list od differences anywhere??


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