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Greatest Ever Sports Cars

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Did anybody see that awful program lastnight on the greatest sports cars.

Most of the cars they chose were 'Supercars' or 'Performance cars' not sports cars. Sports car does not necessarily mean outright Power but is infact a style of car. 'Sports car' is actually something very British in it's design and very few British sports cars are fast but they are still fun and affordable, something a McLaren XYZ is not.

I must admit I except the E Type should be there and Older Porsche 911's (but not the modern water cooled monstrosity of a 911 or the 'wimps' 4x4 911 of a few years back). To me the most true of all sports cars on the program (in the 'sports car' sense) was the Mazda MX5/Eunos/Miata.

Also some of the people they interviewed were awful...Steve McQueens Son was so obnoxious :ffs:

So far this 'Greatest ever...' Series has been okay apart from this one (the fighter planes and Motorcycles one was fine)

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Me and Rob caught the end of that - what was that crap with the hammer? He thought he was explaing oversteer but that demonstration did nothing to help explain it! :wacko:

I didnt rate the program <_<

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I thought the show was very good,

They used the DB5 and the E-Type as points as to what cars they were and what else was there when they came out.

The 911 won, and totoally justified .. great sports car.

The MX5 is a cheap soft top, car to the masses. The F1 is one of the best Supercars EVER. The Enzo was there as being the pinicle of Ferrari .. The Skyline was there due to to being banned from Bathurst and US roads .. just cause I don't like some of the cars, I couldn't disagree ..

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