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How Much Is This Paseo Worth?

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Hi everyone.

Ive just been looking up some info on Paseos and I stumbled across this forum.

My name is Franco and Im 23 and from Lincoln.

My CRX has just died on me and im looking for a new car. My cousin has been living in Dubai for the past few year and has had her Paseo garaged while she has been away. Shes looking to sell it and I may be interested, Im just wondering what a fair price is for it.

Its a 97 P reg (I think) silver Paseo ST with no mods and has done 58,000 miles. I have not seen it myself yet but my dad has been to see it and he says that it is in pretty mint condition.

Ive had a look on Parkers and a few other valuation sites and the average price that seems to come up is around £1600 on a ST that has done 70,000 miles. My cousin is asking £2000 but I feel that this is a little high. What do you think is a fair price? Im thinking about £1750ish.


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I suppose really it depends how much you want the car and how much you like your cousin :rolleyes:

Seriously though I've seen Seo's on Autotrader ranging from 1200 to 6 grand for a soft top version ;) It sounds like a fair price what you're thinking of offering but without seeing the car it's a hard one to judge, welcome to the site anyhow :thumbsup:

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I think that around £1800 is about right maybe the 2k if its really mint. Lots of cars on autotrader for the 3k mark which is OTT and they seem to be on there for a while whereas the ones under 2k seem to sell well. Saw a really mint one on ebay a while back go for around 2k with 40000 miles and one owner.

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You guys are lucky, I look at your prices and envy you that much!!! ( have a look at ours - http://www.cars.auto.ru/sale/HX84664/ - this has no mods or anything special, it has run 121,000 km ) :crybaby:

In Russia we pay huge amounts of monye for ordinary cars wich sometimes need even the same money to be repaired :ffs: Wish we didn't have our own car production and all those damn taxes!!!

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$7400 :eek: thats a lot of cash!

Riko, I keep laughing at the yellow one on ebay especially when it had a bid of £4900 and he still wouldnt sell! He must be such a plonker ;) I suppose the one on autotrader with 17000 miles would be good for £2500 but its up for £2995.

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