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Need Help With Fitting St205 Calipers On 185

mad welshman

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hello there,

question for u,

a mate of mine has bought gt4st205 calipers, and was told that they would fit onto the 185gt4.

rears are ok, but larger discs needed? would the original shoes off the 185 still fit the new larger discs???

also, has anyone got fitting instructions for the conversion (front). and rear????

any help would be greatly recieved.

cheers baz

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yup, just fitted the rears to mine, if you find another way apart from the above for the front remember to post up :thumbs:

im going to have a good look at this problem sometime in the week. due to j.a.e

being an engineer im sure i,ll be able to come up with some improvements on the original conversion.

maybe even get to the point of suppling a kit to fit the fronts and rears.

will keep u all posted.

cheers baz :thumbsup:

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the rears do about 30% of the braking, i bought the calipers a while ago as Fensport was selling them cheap, was going to wait till i had got bigger ones for hte front but i had a little accident whilst changing the pads so just went and done the conversion

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