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My New Arrival.......

Coupe Chick

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Hiya guys

Yea shes a fine little car alrite - am tryin to sell it now, really want a red over black..........

@ treuno na its not glass sunroof lol

@ will Y thank you - us girls are gettin in on you boys lol lol

@ everyone else - thanks :D

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I think there should be more girls who have a sence about cars, e.g. not a typical dumb blonde who wants a pink fiat uno.

Have to say I prefer a panda to a red/black one.

Guess I have been watching to much Initial D :P


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Originally posted by coupe chick

@ treuno na its not glass sunroof lol

Phew, :rolleyes: thank god 4 that! haha

One thing i have noticed is that the bootlid stickers have been put in the wrong place! (just me being picky! :P ) lol

Sweet car none the less! And them spot lights must be super oscars or somehting, cuz they are MASSIVE :eek:

I had a red over black '86 as my 2nd car! Sooooo wish i didnt sell her! I love that colour scheme! I just couldnt afford the insurance at the time! (only 17) I sold it and it went to Ireland! You never know, you might buy it! lol

It only had 63k on the clock when i sold it! :D

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