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Footwell Lighting!

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Link for footwell lighting and possibly boot lighting!

Just found after ive replaced all the interior panels of the car after routing ICE cabling!

Can anyone tell me whether ther is a limit to the amout of additional bulbs you could safely add onto the the dome light if any??

Thanks !

CB :thumbsup:

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couldnt say, but i once wiered in 2 neons and had them running for a while, they only came on when i opened the doors tho

i then moved onto wiring them into a multi switch which was connected to the Battery, but all taken out now!

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kind of translated so the majority can be pieced together...

i don't understand how he's wired it though.. It looks like they are on all the time, or only when he opens the doors?....

i'd been considering wiring two to the Battery, but using the ignition power to act as a switch... Was afraid of previsuly made chav references though...

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