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Corolla Clutch Noise


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I got my toyota (58ooo miles) seviced from a local garage. He also changed the front brake pads. After the service I noticed that there is a minor cranking meatllic noise coming when I start moving the car as I release the clutch.

The noise is not coming everytime I start moving from the stationary position but onle sometimes. There is no noise when the car is moving and it only comes in 1st or second gear when the car starts moving.

I took it back to the garage, the owner said that it is not related to service and it is just a co-incidendat finding. When I took the mechanic with me on the ride, he thought that it might be releted to the new brake shoes. (But I am not using the brake when I am starting!!)

Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be immensely appreciated.

Many thanks

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