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Mr2 Mk3 With Tsport Engine?


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Yes they have...

In fact several people have done it, but only one in the UK that I assisted in. The change is in fact remarkabley easy, and a there is a chap in the US who will sell you a kit of all the parts you need to put a celica engine and box into a mk3.

The main changes are to the right side engine mount, the shifter input shaft, the exhaust, and the addition of 3 or 4 new wires to the loom to control the lift function on the valvegear. If all the parts are to hand, the conversion could easily be completed in a weekend, or a single day if you know what you're doing. Bar a single engine mount that needs to be changed, the engine fits straight in.

The work to fit te old 3SGTE is a lot more involved, as it doesnt fit betwwen the chassis rails of the mk3. Rogue is currently working on just such a project.

Another conversion that has been completed is the fitment of the Toyota V6.

Of course, plenty of power can be liberated by just turbocharging the engine thats in there. Several owners have doubled their output, and monkeywrench racing are currnetly running a turbo'd mk3 with 340bhp at the wheels. They are looking to increase this to around 500bhp this year, but they are already running the car on the 1/4 mile strip in the mid 11 seconds.

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