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Theory Test This Morning!


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Longest morning ever! I was a nervous wreck when i went in! :lol:

But i passed! Wahoo! :hokus-pokus: :beer: :D

Im one step closer to driving my baby without her loony plates on! :lol: :D

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well done :hokus-pokus:

I dont know if id ever pass a theory as i never had to take one almost 13 years since my test.

Again well done

Steve try a mock test online:


Blaze - Well Done :yes: - I had to do two of the damn things! One for car, one for motorcycle - we had to use pen and paper though! ;)

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I'm not the best person for tests either - I hate them!

At least your done now. Just remember to take your driving test and pass it before your 2 year period is over, otherwise you'll need to re-take the theory...

Again, well done. ;)

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Excellent, well done, what marks did you get?

i got 33 and 44! Only just got the hazard perception one! :blink:

Chuck04 : I feel as high as a kite! :D Im getting closer!

And i will hopefully do my test later this year so i dont have to do my theory again!

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