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Hi all. JEA... Having never been to anything like this I have decided to drive down on Sunday, in a convoy??? (or is it?), of mine and my brothers MR2's (the Paseo is in for a service so won't be attending... aah and the Honda's just not as much fun as the MR2). Do we park outside of the grounds or is there a place for Jap cars to park on the site? If so, how much? Entry costs? What is going to be there? I just don't know what to expect. :help:

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Here's a link to JAE


Here's a link about parking etc


Unless you've paid to park on the TOC stand, you'll just have to park where the normal car park is. It's a different venue this year. Last year it was a Billing Aquadrome near Northampton, this year it's at the East of England Show Ground near Peterborough.

Every Jap car worth looking at will be there (Skyline's, Evo's, Supra's, RX7's etc), and some you don't want to look at. I can remember seeing a lovely white 80's Nissan Micra there last year with what looked like a paper-mashay (spelling) body kit on.




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