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New Buyer - What Are My Choices ?

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I just had a test drive of the Corolla 1.4 D4D manual, and I'm likely to shortly go ahead and order the MMT semi-auto version of this.

My dilemma is that according to the website, the 1.4 MMT is only available up to T3 level, and I really wanted the trimmings of T-Spirit, expecially the sunroof and leather interior.

Is this likely to be something the dealer can offer, or are these grades pretty strict in terms of what you can get ?

I need Auto (preferably semi), aircon, sunroof, and good fuel consumption, and all in a corolla-sized car.

Any thougts on how I can achieve this, would be welcomed.



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Thanks for the suggestion, but I wanted to stick to diesel if possible, for the economy and torque. After speaking with my dealer, it seems I can at least have a sunroof and leather seats fitted to the T3. No climate-control though. I guess I can probably salvage different trim parts from ebay should I care to change them.

It just gets so frustrating when the car companies limit what you can spend your money on :eek:

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