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1.4 Vvt-i = 1.6 Vvt-i?


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When i search for model/year in http://www.knfilters.com/search/appsearch.aspx

Toyota->Corolla->Year-> 1.4

there is a admission for the 1.4 vvt-i


when i put the 1.6 ..don't appear that, but the k&n pannel filter are the same ( ref: 33-2252)

Can you tell me if can i use the admission of the 1.4 vvt-i in the 1.6 vvt-i? i think the stock admission has the same size :wacko:


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My 2cents is that the admission is the same...but cannot confirm that!

By 'admission' I take it you mean 'induction'?

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OK, I´m agree with test results. But Wich is better for a 3ZZe 1.6 vvt-i?

CAI TRD P/N 00602-17801--001 XR-S Matrix (2003)

CAI TRD P/N 00602-17802--001 Base&XR Matrix , CE&LE Corolla

SRI K&N kit number 57-0633 Corolla 1.4 L4 16V

SRI K&N kit number 69-8601 Matrix XRS 2002-2003 1.8 L4 16V

SRI K&N kit number 69-8751 Corolla T-sport 2002-20041.8 L4 16V

Anybody can tell us your experience with someone in a 3ZZE 1.6 vvt-i?



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