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Parts Finally Arrive

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i ordered some special front off road shock absorbers for the Surf in mid april and they had to be ordered from the USA via Supatruk at a cost of £170 as no one does them over here and was told they would be about 3 weeks and i had completly forgot about them.

Anyhow they arrive this morning and there is a letter inside from Supatruk saying they are sorry for the delay but the American suplier had sent the rear ones instead of the front at first and so they were ordered again, but this time they had sent shock obsorber covers instead of the front shocks and third time lucky the American company had sent the front shocks and for my inconveience had sent me the rear shocks and the covers free.

So now i have a full new set of shocks and covers for the Surf worth £400 for £170 just a shame i wont have them fitted before the JAE but im very happy :D

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Yeah, poor service but sounds like they more than made up for it though. There arent many companies that would have done that, you're lucky to get anything more than a "sorry" letter off most companies

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