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Jae Nightmare In The Bodyshop


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Well, there we were getting my corolla prepped for JAE, respraying bumpers, tidying up any marks etc etc to take to the show and promote the business at the same time.

Unfortunately something has happened that is very rare and only happens once in a blue moon, the bumpers have been sprayed but a reaction called crazing has happened, for those not in the know, that basically means the paint goes like spider webs. The more you apply it the worse it gets.

We have no time at all to get it fixed and put right in time for the show, so I'm coming with light blue bumpers with bleeding spider webs on them, also colour coded the dash and that has gone the same too :censor: :(

Steve has said it would need stripping back and starting again, which would take him until mid afternoon Saturday if he started when it happened this morning. We think it's some sort of silicone reaction, possibly from the dash bits as they have had dash polish on numerous occasions. The bumpers and parts where properly prepared with silicone remover, but I think it's possibly absorbed into the plastic dash bits. Everything was properly rubbed down prior to spraying, so it's soo odd it's happened.

I'm well and truly gutted, I was going to be entering in any show and shine comp etc and now I may as well hide it in the visitors car park :crybaby:

See you at the show peeps.

Kev :angry:

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That's bad luck. Sorry to hear it. Isn't always the way when you want things to go right? Chin up and have a great time there anyway. :thumbsup:

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yaay! and i hope it totally pes it down over the weekend for you all to :P

lol im totally jokin mate.

It's guttin to have that happen, specially after you've put all the hard work in getting it prepared. Its happened to me before.

Just get your car suitably "motorway dirty" and noone will be able to tell the difference ;)

But not to worry mate, you'll be too busy gettin pisched and havin fun in the sun to worry B)


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