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Cam Belt

mark ceres

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guys i am running a toyota CERES/Marino have you heard of it? any ways it originally came with a 5AFE engine i have replaced it with a 4AGE twin cam 20 valve it running crazy! now i have done another mod where i have put in 7AFE block on to the 4AGE head now the 4 age is from a toyota carina GT and the block is from 7AFE premio/levin everything is fine except that the cam belt is short as this block is taller i put this block in as it 1.8ltr whereas the previous was a 1.6

Does anyone have an idea of what type of belt will fit this i need a a belt which has 115 rounded teeth. any idea of any make or model that comes with this. really need your help.

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:yes: Yep you've created a '7AGE' engine (although Toyota never did this) a lot of people are doing this mod (along with 5AGE)

A good site to look at is


and look under 'Tech Reference'

Part of the page is quoted below

"...The problem most people run into in this configuration is the timing belt. Because of the taller block of the 7A, the 4A-GE timing belt proved to be too short for the increased deck height. Why not use a 7A-FE belt? Well, the “FE” design head is a twin cam but is driven by the crank only on one cam. The other cam is driven off the powered cam by gears. A “slave-cam” twin. So what do we do? Traditionally, we had to go hunting in the bin at a parts store or junkyards. But, thanks to the few who visit Club4AG, a Porsche 924/944 has been rumored to fit. For this application, the crank cam-pulley from a 4A-GE has to be used… Obviously, the 7A-FE pulley will not drive the GE cams at the correct speed anyway… "

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