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Just back from JAE...

Firstly, a huge thank-you to Ken for fantastic arrangements, with the Toyota Hospitaity trailer and Formula 1 simulator (of which -congrats to Fizz for being the first #1 on) not to mention the Toms Supra and Rolla replica's provided by Toyota GB...

A thanks to Steve (tubby turbo) also, for you-know-what.

Of course, thanks go to the people who attended, as they are make JAE what it is... it was just a shame the atmosphere of previous JAE's was lacking - but great to see the old faces, and meet some new ones...

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Good day.

Glad to meet up with some old faces, and meet some new ones, although still didn't get to meet everyone, even aftr having been there for nearly 6 hours!

Look forward to the next one. ;)

Have some ipccies as well, which I'll post up laters.

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Here are the 1st lot of many from Moi :yes:

A shy Chappy who we all know.................... :lol:


Our Man, Fizz taking on Schuey & Co for the Brit Grand Prix :thumbsup:


Found these gals lurking near Chris's Yaris. He did say he would kill 'em for touching his bonnet - but I don't think he did............... :lol:


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... :lol:


The Big Yin, Jimbob, ventures South of the Border........... :yes:


More of these around than Cars............... :beer:


Here we meet a sober type of Chappy............ :blink:


Top Yaris Guru - Yves gets along well with this car........... :D


Would you buy a Magazine from these two? :yes:


RoboLee........... :thumbsup:


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Just got back home myself

it was my first JAE with TOC and it was great and one of the best times of had.

A big thankyou to Ken for sorting out the event and all the hard work that went into it :thumbsup:

To Ian (figits) Nice to meet you and Christina and thanks for you know what and its a shame you couldnt stay for the saturday evening and saw Ryan, Fizz, Shaf, Richard, and myself scaring a Skyline with a Hilux Surf :lol: will tell more later after ive rested a bit and caught up on some sleep.

More later


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just got in and i think ive nearly expired!

ta to everyone as its been truely awesome, weather wasnt our side, but that stopped nobody!

incredible evenings! i forgot who i was on saturday night after the sambuca challenge!

ta to toyota GB for all they did, and to ken for making it all happen, top geezer!

and TOC won the tug-o-war comp! so top show to the lads who took part in that!

im off to recover with sleep, water and a quick dowse in the shower!

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Been home a little while actually - am knackered and gonna go for a nap in a bit!

Brilliant time was had, was great to meet everyone - again and those I met for the first time - everyone's so lovely!

I do have plenty of pics but will upload them later!

Weather was a bit pants, but it didnt put a dampner on the weekend - our guys won the Tug-of-War competition AND Red Yaris 54's Yaris is gonna appear on Men & Motors - one of our guys is gonna be famous!!

Didnt stay on for the sambuca challenge - had to go to the hotel early because I'd drank too much in the day and felt a bit ooo-errr! Still, had a brilliant time, thanks to everyone at the ground, Toyota GB and also Ken, who was tearing his hair out trying to sort us lot out! :D

Cant possibly list all the people I met, because my memories a bit crap, however I was to publicly apologise to Fidgits, because it took me about 30 mins to cotton on to who he was and I was incredibly embarassed! So sorry mate! :lol: :group-cuddles:

Off to bed for my afternoon kip - love you guys - see ya later!



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Hiya guys! Just got back and im shattered!

just like to say a big thanks to ken! It was a great weekend! :thumbsup:

Weather wasnt great today and darren isnt happy he cant clean the car after the drive home! :lol:

It was a shame i couldnt take Yaz but she will be there next year! :D

Nice to meet some new people and meet up with old ones! :lol:

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where do i start??

Ken- Cheers for organising this...!

Ryan- You git, no more sambucca for me

Steve - Nice to meet you mate

Rob (Jaxx) - hahahahahahaha, you were wasted hehehe

Tegan - See above :P

Milly - Cheers :D

Charlie - Erm.. maybe it does stain then :ph34r:

Firthy - Dont worry mate, ill get you drunk in no time at all :thumbsup:

Gordy - Nice to finally meet you :D

Em - hehe, wimp!

Lee - You're mad do you know that, still got your hat btw

Chris- That bonnet was ace :D

norm - Wiggly

leeky - Neon boy.. looks like youv been to a few raves too many :eek:

Charis - See above :P

jj - AWESOME, still cant believe it!

Mo - You're my !Removed!..

jappy - nice to meet ya... tell laura to get a yaris.

jimlad... dont worry about it :P

the git who nicked my chair - Its only 6 quid chair.. Ill just buy another one :ffs: :ffs:

Dale-Get in touch ;) :P

Davey (Cfc) - Top guy, your kids are mental :D, great to meet you and your family.

The car i cut off on the way there - sorry mate

the car i cut off on the way back - sorry!

camshaft- great to see your car mate, the hairdryer is ace :D

bibbs - didnt get that haircut... damn

Baz - You're a bully :P

Gnome - thank you very very very very very very much mate!

RossNova - Hi????? :blink:

Everyone else...- Cheers! and i probably dont remember you, and sorry for my dancing, shouting, whatever i may have been doing

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Just got in too - Torrential rain all the way back and nearly ran out of fuel - When I did get to a petrol statin there was half of JAE parked up there........... :lol:

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glad i came today looked like a really good TOC turnout. pity about the weather but still looked like you were enjoying yourselves.

look forward to rolla and me being there next year

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Been home a while now, but not had chance to get on the TOC Forum till now.

What a terrific weekend......thanks to Ken for the organising and to all you TOCers for making me so welcome. :group-cuddles:

I will try to download some photies a little later........just a bit knackered at the moment...(must have been that long drive home ;) )

Glad that you lot convinced me that I should stay the night......although I have discovered that my tent is just a bit too small :unsure:

Hope that all of you had a safejourney home....especially those who travelled over the borders (Guess you won't be home yet?)

Looking forward to next year already :thumbsup:

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right some images, not that i got many, got a friend off loading plenty to me soon!

toc village


ggeehhhhaaarrgggghhhh :cacker:


one of TOC GBs promotional thingys


lush mr2 with phoenix power spoilerage :drool:


3S powered mk3 although not 100% finished (how it should have been in the first place!)


TOC Stand ruled


oooh and i saved 95quid on new goodies due to beign a goldie! join up people!

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We have not been back long wither....

Thanks for a good few days guys!!!

Good to see some known faces again, and meet some more people!!

I am now totally shattered... totally tired...

WE have some good pics that I'll post later!!!

Cheers guys, Thanks to Ken ad co. for organising everything too!!!

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