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Toc V Jap Tuner Mag


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This deserves it's OWN thread due to the magnaminous Victory that TOC's Tug O' War Team scored at JAE over the gang from JAP TUNER Magazine.

Not that I wish to GLOAT over the loss to Jap Tuner Mag but HA HA HA :lol:

Anyway - WELL DONE GUYS and here are some pix to commerorate the Tremendous RESULT :thumbsup:

TOC lost the 1st Pull of the three (I put it down to being more exhausted than the Jap Tuner Team as TOC had just come through a semi-final whereas Jap lads were relaxing................But we recovered to take the next 2 pulls and record a Historic Victory. :thumbsup:

More Experience Required.............


Our Guys were that good they could even take their hands off the rope....




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Well done lads!

Sorry we had to go and missed this, I would have been so torn! Mates from work or mates from toc........ :D :thumbsup:

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like chris said i don`t know how we won some of the others were massive, the best bit was telling the mk.5 supra owners club lads, hi, i drive a yaris :P . what sticks in my mind is clarky turning round and saying one more big tug, TBH i don`t know how we won the last pull to win, i was wasted my legs had gone and i just held on for dear life. it topped off a great weekend for me :thumbsup:, yea next year a TOC Hakka in pink thongs they would run for fear :lol:

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hahah, good effort lads, specially with the hangovers some of ya musta had!


Hangover's not the word.... i was still wasted!!

Well done team... a proper team tug!

Like i said... ya can't beat the traction of a Yaris! (especially with a fat bloke in it!)

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