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More Help With Another Tune...


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I imagine most people are getting fed up of me posting music threads now, but i REALLY need help with this tune.

It's a very rare Old school garage tune, have been told by the DJ at my boss's brothers club/bar that i'll be looking at around 50 quid for the vinyl. Have been searching ebay high and low for it. No luck sooooooo far

I do know that it's on a speed garage vinyl; Sub Kutz Vol 2 - It's the way

Then this little gem appeared up on ebay a few minutes ago (had already tried searching today once no luck, but tried again)


If ANYBODY has a soundclip or something for this song by this artist i will be buying them a good few drinks when i come back to UK in the winter. I have to make sure that this is the right one, before putting a silly bid on it. I know the song is definately called 'It's the way' but not sure on the artist.

By the way, if anybody needs a hand it goes something along the lines of:

It's the waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy, it's the way, it's the way, it's the way

(A lot of help that is). It's a massive tune, I REALLY need to add it to my garage vinyls :help:


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