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Matrix Wiring Diagram


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Hello to all.......I'm a neebie here :D

First Post :yes:

Don't know EXACTLY how this forum works :help:

What I am looking for is the Factory wiring diagram for the radio (am/fm cd cassette unit).

I don't want to buy the factory manuals $$$$$$ :eek:

Just looking for the wiring diagram :D

Thanks in Advance for the help, Bob

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I am going to install the radio in another car and wanted to find-out the proper wiring layout.

Who is Halfords ?? :huh: Do they have the plug-in for the back of the radio?

I bought this radio/cd/tape head for it's LARGE easy to use controls. :rolleyes: As one gets older that becomes very important :D

Thanks for the reply, Bob

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oops, sorry, Halfords is a chain of shops in the UK, i didnt look at your location before.

anyway. you want to install a toyota stereo in another car?? am i right? or are you wiring a new stereo into your toyota? if its the latter then you need a PX687. it convers the toyota wiring into ISO wiring so you can plug in any stereo.

if your wiring your toyota into another car then itll be a pain in the *****. lots of cutting and re-wiring and voiding of warranties and such. you might aswell get yourself a cheap simple CD player that fits the ISO

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Thanks for the reply. :thumbsup:

I may not have included all of the information.....which would give you the complete picture :D

Installing a 03' Toyota Matrix AM/FM/CD/Cassette Radio into a 57' Chevy Nomad. This will be installed into a center console that will contain A/C outlets, Oil/AMP Guages, Radio.

I purchased the radio from a Matrix owner, and did not get the plug ins on the rear of the radio. to make the job easier I am trying to locate a wiring diagram that would give me the color code and the item that is controlled by each. :bookworm:

Thanks again for the reply, Bob :bye:

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hopefully you solved your problem and can help me. I am trying to install the same radio as you and for the same reasons in a CJ7 (not quit as awesome as a Nomad). I have found a wiring diagram (basic) on a site (www.newellelectronics.com - under installation help. All wired fine and all the lights went on, the cd rev'd up, changed channels and stations,everything clicks lights up and whatever - but no sound !!! Did you have same problem? I have wired the Speakers,ground and two power wires. The radio is also in a Pontiac Vibe ( a joint venture with GM - Toyota)

Anyone that may have some words of wisdom would be appreciated.


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