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Jedi who trust Microsoft- learn the Dark Side very soon.

url broken by Vader was.

Laugh you really will at this text original -

A former Hooter restraurant waitress sued the restraurunt where she used to work, saying she was promised a new Toyota for winning a beer sales contest. She said she was blindfolded and let to the parking lot to see her prize. When the blindfold came off, she found she had won a new toy Yoda.


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Everyone must be humble before the Force, so joining Car Clubs, (where chromium vanity rules), I do not.

Old and frail I am, but still substained by the Force and Aortic Root Replacent with Carbo-Steel Heart Valve) - I have.

Now Happy Toyota Motability Customer, I am. - mmm?

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<<oh dear, oh dear..... >>

seems to be a really intelligent way to welcome people who are listed as new members eh?

Just becuause you're a moderator doesn't allow you to take 'cheap' shots' at others, page-rage or Al Queda charm school, or what?

Perhaps your Avatar with a children's TV icon is more of a Freudian slip that you realise. Hopefully you're not a company employee, otherwise Toyota needs to stop the nonsense before it damages the brand.

Perhaps it would be nice to say sorry to someone who's put in some effort to amuse other members, after all, he does get Yoda's language syntax spot-on!

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Opinions may be shared, and amusements gathered in many a personal way which we all enjoy and express. A simple oh dear, oh dear is a personal expression as such and none offence was meant, purely a simple expression of personal opinion....

Toyota employee, alas no.... Moderator maybe but it still allows me to express myself wuith my own voice as may you, I just try to ensure the boundaries that govern the forum and not exagerated.

All new members are welcome and may join in the frey, opinions appreciated or not...

We're a freindly bunch of sorts and if you knew the context in which the avatar was taken then all would become clear.....

Enjoy the forum....

Happy browsing and posting....

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