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Toyota Carina E Remote Central Locking


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Hi there.

I have the above car and am having problem with the remote control which controls the central locking.

Despite the batteries being fine, the remote seems very inconsitent when trying to open and close using the remote control.

Has anyone had this problem and any suggestions on a solution.

Many thanks.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum :)

The common fault is the batterys in the handsets unless they are brand new - if you have access to a multimeter, pop the cover off the handset and check the Battery voltage when you operate the button - you will probally find the voltage dropping right off.

What year is the vehicle and are the handsets rectangular with a black and red button ??


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Thanks for the reply.

The car is 1996 model and the remote control model number is RTT/D/X1123.

The remote seems only to work properly if you have the control pointed right next to the window and even then it is intermittent.


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There is normally a "trim pot" inside the remote - use a plastic tipped

screwdriver or something similar to trim the remote into the alarm - normally needs only 1/2 a turn either way to do this.

Failing that - hold the remote to the side of your head and try it (your body acts as an aerial) - it works !!!!!!


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