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What In Balzes!


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ahhh - this again...

It must be at least, oh, a couple of weeks since someone asked if these were any good...

Let me put it simply for you - it is a resistor - nothing more (hence they call it a 'resistance' mod) which, simply, fools the engine into thinking its cold.

This pretty much is the equivalent of driving around with the choke out (if you can remember cars with manual chokes)

All it does is, well, make your car rev higher at idle, use more fuel, burn out your o2 sensor, all without improving performance, at all, even a little bit...

So, to sum up, its stupid, its useless, and anyone who even considers getting one is as stupid and useless and deserves everything they get...

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If you own a corsa, a cavalier, a saxo or any other heap of sh*te then it's the best mod in the world as it will eventually f**k up your car!!

Total crap... although if you don't believe us then i'll save you a few pence... go to your local electric/hardware store and pick up a resistor for about 6p... put it on the wire and bob really is your uncle!

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