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Sera On Ebay


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Yeah its the engine out the Glanza V and Starlet GT Turbo, it won't be slow anyway. I think the 0-60mph time of 6 secs is a bit optimistic though! :yes:

I bit OTT on the styling and paint aswell, not for me I'm afraid! :thumbsup:

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The more adventurous of you may well have seen this at JAE. It was on the Sera stand on Saturday. Photo's don't do it justice...it's a cracking car.

( Em, I think it means 10,000 Quid spent, not 10,000 mods ! )

1.3 turbo seems a small engine for it????

it's only a 1.5 as standard anyway, so the 1.3 isn't much smaller. The Glanza engine is a proven unit and drops straight in, don't even have to change the Engine mounts !

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The sera never was 800kg that was before bodykits and ICE was installed :)

the 1.3 engine may sound small.. but there is a UK starlet with over 320bhp in his starlet! and in japan they push over 400bhp! and you also have to remember it's all about power to weight :)

I think the car is ok... it's abit "IN YOUR FACE" for me :)

My 2p worth


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the 1.3T is an improvement on the stock engine!!!!!!

Seras are cool little cars...

That one is a rare car mutilated.

the max !Removed! drapped over the bonnet isa dead givaway!

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