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I Need Your Voice! :)


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Hi !

I'm from Poland [Rzeszów]. I have Toyota Corolla E11 1997 and I need Your help in a competition:)

I need to gain as much as I can votes for my photo in this competition.

If you have 1 minute and You would like to help me please vote for me in this competition:


Only click on "Oddaj głos" button:)

Thanks for help! :)

- pitloju

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it's not that easy...

in the rules of this competiton it's that I can tell the other people [not only who i know] to vote for my photo

of course THEY [danone] want to promote their website...[for they it's not a problem if we know each other or not]

of course You can browse the photos and choose which is the best!

but I drive Toyota, and i've thought that You like my photo [compare to the other photos]:)

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Thats not the way to win a competition - if you're going to win it, it should be fair and square and not by asking strangers to vote!

That wouldnt bother me, I'd imagine every1 else will be doing the same.

Where do we click to vote pitloju?

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Yep. I`m in agreement with Giddlepin. If you don`t ask you don`t get. He asked, He`s getting. Provided the pics are good of course. :thumbsup:

And it is. :thumbsup:

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