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hey,im 20 and ive got a quote for when im 21 and Ive been quoted £990 f/cwith mod's such as alloys, full exaust and induction kit. thats for a uk spec twin turbo! which its extremely cheap thats with elephant.co.uk.

hope that helps

Ben :D

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I cant say :D The guy who told me about this little loop hole i swore to i wouldnt tell the world about this.

But....do a google using the words "classic car insurance" ;)

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There are TWO points not mentioned above which are important whilst attaining CLASSIC insurance.

Firstly: classic insurance takes NO account of NCB. Tough but true.

Second: The car CANNOT be your main car. You will need regular insurance on your other car (some specialists will insure your classic as a main but will limit the mileage)

Most companies will insure on classic if; you have two years full licence history, over 21 years old, have larger excess written in, and restricted mileage.

My supra turbo mk III was insured today f/c, excess of 250, free breakdown cover and legal for £266.83. Not bad- about a month's worth of wine tokens. :wacko:


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