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agreed - but it depends where you want to go mate..

there are prime examples right here on TOC - Oli_paseo & Matt with top notch kits etc.

DazH & 97paseo's old car with more suptle styling. keeping the lines of the Paseo.

as for finding mods - they are fairly easy to find these days - let us know what you want & we'll come up with something.


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One of the first things i did was to de-label it, take off the 'Toyota Paseo' from the boot lid. They should peel off quite easily, any sticky residue left over will come off by using sum T-Cut.

This will give the back end of the car a nice clean look and ppl will always ask u what ur car is.

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If you want some nice wheels to show of the Paseo but quite subtle at the same time i would recommend something like oli_paseo wheels which cover up the drums on the rear!

Or here are some i think would look cool just to make the seo look smart. I am partial to the look of the octane(if only they made them in a bigger size!!!)




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