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Yaris Fuel Consumption


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I'm thinking of buying a manual Yaris 1.3 petrol or 1.4 diesel.

What sort of MPG are you guys getting?

Official combined on 1.3 is 48.7 mpg, urban is 39.2 mpg.

Official combined on 1.4D is 64.2 mpg, urban is 53.3 mpg.

Just wondering how real life mpg fits into the official figures.


Martin W

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i get according to the display AV mpg and when reset before i leave on a 1.5 t sport

when giving it stick 29-37ish mpg

when taking it easy 38-41ish mpg and sometimes 50ish mpg

when on the motorway 40ish mpg at 70-80mpg 60mph i managed 60ish mpg

not to bad but the most time it stays at around 36-40ish

hope that helps

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i use the actual fuel consumption display. when your really really booting the :censor: out of it you get about 10mpg, heh. but you can cruise at about 80-90 doing a good 50-60 easily. if your really light footed you can get about 80 odd. not bad really. diesel figures!

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Wife has a 2002 1.3 GLS - did a 212 mile round trip on Sunday on a mixture of motorway (60%), A roads (30%) and B Roads (10%). Reset the computer when we set off and when we got back home it showed 41.2 mpg on average for the whole trip.

Mrs SMW tends to stick within the speed limits.

Stuck in traffic for 10 minutes.

Air Con on most of the time.

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Thanks chaps,

I decided to go for the diesel - my right foot tends to be a bit heavy, and I know diesel give better mpg when booted!

I've just ordered a TSpirit D4D in metallic blue - hope it's as much fun as everyone says!

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good for you mate, i do have to say, the yaris diesel engine is really fast for what it is. 1.4 diesels should be poo, but it still pushes 13 second 0 - 60. very good.

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