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Been For A Play

m4rk scotland

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ok so its chucking it down with rain and i went to the gyle to try out a few things in the car. wanted to do it in a safer environment than the open road, so theres this empty large roundabout, slowly worked up speed but all i got was understeer...

now my fronts arnt as good as my backs and the roundabout was cambered inwards so im guessing thats why the back wouldnt step out of line. i presume by this it means i dont have an lsd on the car..(wasnt sure when i bought it)

i did manage to get it sideways after a standing start planting the tow change to second and oh look theres the inside of the roundabout. reverse please. :rolleyes:

lack of front end grip and the back end pushing the front on??

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if you want to get the rear to kick out sometimes just lifting your foot off the accel and then reapplying will allow the car to break traction then regain it and push you into a spin, but beware as it is quite difficult to catch, and even harder in the wet!

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it must of been the camber of the roundabout, i was lifting of and turning sharper even dipped the clutch!! couldnt get the back out!! only did it after a standing start and then went toatl sideways, nearly caught it though..

there not good drift cars though are they?

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I have a rev 2 gts, and it goes out very easy in the wet, all it takes is slight boost to break the traction of the rear wheels.

If in doubt, just jab the clutch with revs and watch the baby slide out, just be quick to get the opposite lock on, and remember if you get it out too much, just let off the gas, and dont panic, 9/10 you will recover it.

Iv done a fair bit of drifting ;)

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