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Couple Of Questions...


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I recently bought a '89 Camry and I have a few problems that I would like to fix.

First off, the little plastic thing that has P-R-N-D-etc on the gear shift is cracked. I can't figure out how to take off the gear thing to get it out. I would also like to know where to find a new one at.

Next, I'm having a problem with the locks/ignition or something that would relate to it. When I open my driver door, it starts dinging, and while it is dinging I cant lock my doors. Sometimes it doesn't do it, but it usually does. I assumed it was a problem with the ignition thinking the key is still in it.

There is also a little light saying 'Lights' on the dashboard and its always on. I just need some enlightenment on what that light means exactly.

Last is my Tempature gauge. It randomly goes between normal temp to as hot as it will go. I need to know where the sensor is so that I may replace it. Also where could I get one of those if I can't find one around here?

Any question answered would make me very grateful. Thanks peeps, you all kick *****.


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OK, here are some answers for you.

First, email me off list and I can try to walk you through replacing the PRND cover plate. That will probably be a junkyard part, not something you can get new -- try www.car-part.com

Second -- the dinging. Sounds like your Camry is doing the same thing my '90 is doing. Put the key back in the ignition, start the car, shut it off, and turn the key the whole way back again, leave it there for a second, then pull it out. That should "trick" the ignition into thinking that they key has been removed. I find that removing the key too fast can cause the ignition to think it's still there.

I'm not sure what the "Lights" light means, except maybe that you have a burnt-out bulb, or that it thinks your lights are still on when they're not?

Your temp sender should be easy to see -- it is under the bypass housing, right above the starter. You may need a long socket to remove it. This part is something you should be able to find at any good auto parts store.

My email, if you want to talk more: dsherwoo@ycp.edu



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"Lights" and A/C

I had the problem with "Lights" in my 89 Camry:: bulbs in the tail had burnt out. Replaced it and its gone.

My Air conditioning system does works in moderate temperatures. During really hot days, it quits on me. Any ideas?

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