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Holiday Pics From Kefalonia


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jerry mentioned i should post some piccies of my holiday, so i thought i would share a few with you.

mainly nice views of places worth visiting if you ever go to the island.

hope you like :D








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Ahhhhhhh I need a holiday in Greece, I have extended family on the Island of Aegina and some more peeps are living in Athens but its having the time lol and money to go.

But those piccies bought it allllll back to me. I sure do miss the sunsets on the beach.

I have been to Kefalionia YEARS AGO but I never visited those caves and that beach cove :( .

Nice piccies mate, a great way to start my day. :thumbsup:

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Did anybody start singing "Just one Cornetto" on this one?  :lol:


looks like a fantastic holiday :thumbsup: what loverly weather for you to come home to, feeling the post holiday blues yet?? i hated getting back into england, only went for a week... wish it had been two now

**looks out window.... :crybaby: british weather ey!!!

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thx for the comments peeps, was hoping gordy would praise my piccies, but alas,.... B)

les, apparently one of the boat fellas does sing the ol' cornetto song in greek but not the one whos boat i was in unfortunately,...or is that fortunately? :lol:

silvasurfa you're right fella, it was very high and my gf wasn't too happy at me leaning over and getting that close - don't tell her i said this but it was pretty scary! :eek: im not scared of heights,...its the floor im not too keen on! :D

that pic is myrtos bay which a lot of holiday brochures use to advertise greece in general.

the caves are the drogorati (dragon) caves and have 150 million year old stalactites and stalagmites.

the underground lake is the mellisani lake with a lot of mythology attached.

both sunsets are from my accomodation.

the turtles were right at the edge of the harbour in the capital town of argostoli, and the land below the clouds is northern italy. :thumbsup:

and i need to get away again already,..!Removed! clouds, cold, rain, tornados! and of course labour govt. :cacker:

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Oh wow thats some awesome pictures there mate. The one in the caves is my favourite followed by the cliff top shot :thumbsup: Looks like you have a fantastic time buddy ;)


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