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Avensis T3x D4d - Problems When Pushed To Limits !


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Hi all,

I have a Toyota Avensis D4D T3X on a 54 plate.

I'd like a little help with the following minor irritants that Toyota didnt test (or have reason to test out) on their UK model Avensis (Nor should they !)

When I hit the 115 - 120 MPH mark the following starts to happen

* Rear windscreen wiper lifts up, and fails to contact the windshield

*LH Mirror area makes a sweet humming noise

It's just irritating, any ideas how to stop it (Oh yeah Toyota said "Slow down" and "The Avensis was never intended to travel at 120MPH !" Its very true)

Just out of interest Ive managed 132MPH downhill, oh yeah, and I live in Germany where its legal to do such things!

Many Thanks guys and galls


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This is a recognised problem. Toyota have changed the design of the rear wiper arm for the 05 models, its now a metal arm like those seen on old Mk1 fiestas and the like, which is heavier and therefore supposed to stay against the screen better.

IMO the older, molded plastic one looks much better, hence I had mine retro fitted to the old style. I don't drive much at very high speed, and if I was I'd be concentrating out the front screen, not the rear :P !!

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Mine is 1.8 VVTi 2005. About mirrors, I have the same issue at more then 160 km/h (not sure what it is is miles). First, I had no idea where was noise comming from. Then, I've just tried retracting outside mirrors on high speed and noise was gone. What to say??? It's bad aerodinamics for mirrors. I've posted once here about it but nobody replied mirrors issue. When I get some time I'll give a good look and see if I can do something myself. You know, it's difficult to test it on high speed. We have 120 km/h limit on freeway.

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Gaz, if it looks smooth, its the plastic one, there is no stripping down you can do, just get a metal one and renew it complete. i.e. undo the spindle nut and slide the whole lot off, it took me and the Toyota guy about 30 secs

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