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Fast & Furious Scare-mongering Ii


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This is from the Telegraph Motoring Section:

'Movie Madness'

Police and race track owners in California have taken action to curb a renewed bout of copycat street racing after the release of films like Gone In Sixty Seconds and The Fast & The Furious.

In an attempt to reduce the carnage caused by young drivers illegally racing each other on public roads, the youngsters have been encouraged to take their souped-up Japanese saloons to local race tracks and take on the police in quarter mile drag races. ( :lol: )

Last year Californian police issued 10 per cent more tickets for street racing, while fatal crashes as a result of street racing across the US rose to 135 form 72 the previous year.

Californian police pit their lumbering Crown Victorias against the youngsters' nitrous-oxide-boosted Nissans and Hondas (what about Toyota's? :P ) in a series of summer-long races known as 'Top The Cops'. A similar scheme called 'Beat The Heat' has been launched in Texas.


How ironic is this??!!!! :lol: Who's encouraging racing now then??!! :lol: :D :P

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I think that's a great idea!

can't see it happening over here though lol :rolleyes:

The french boys should be worried if it gets introduced over there, the traffic cops have evo7's :o :help::drool:

seriously though it's a good way to discourage racing on the streets, cos who doesnt want to beat a po-lice man? :D :lol:

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Ding Ding, Lets get it on. :boxing:

On the left hand track representing Team 'Hot Jap Car' we have Mr X driving his Toyota Supra - all singing, all dancing twin turbo, flame spewing, rubber burning speed machine. B)

And on the right hand track representing Team 'Your nicked me old China' we have PC Dibble driving his, erm, uh, Ford Fiesta 1.1 with blue flashing lights and orange go-faster stripes.... :help:

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it would be the best event ever, apart from max power fool's would turn up in their millions wanting a piece

and the police and culture here is far too reserved for the police to get involved in anything that much fun

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