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Hi all.

I'm posting this on behalf of a mate who doesn't have the internet. His Supra failed it's MOT yeaterday on emissions. He's been quoted £300 just to diagnose the problem then upto £1k to fix it. He's also been told that the turbo bearings need replacing and all in the cost to fix is uneconomical.

The car is a 1990 H plate 3.0 turbo. It's had a full respray last year and cosmetically looks great! His options are to break the car or sell it as is. Personally I think it's worth more in bits. I've seen leather trim from a MK1 Mondeo go for £200 on eBay!

All help greatly appreciated.

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hello mate,

your mate is being riped off mate coz i have a 1990 mk3 and they

do not need a emissions test. emissions tests was brought out in

1992 i no this coz i was an mot tester and as for £300 to diagnose it is

total ball'''t, it will morethan likely be the cat or lamber sencer,

i wood go back to your mot centre and tell him he is a ***** head and

remined him that it did not come in till 1992, but do not let him re mot the car go to a good mot centre coz he dosent know his job

so donot brake his baby up yet. i hope i have been of help :thumbsup:


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Thanks for that! (The reply and the reinstating of my post)

Does anyone have any links to MOT requirements cos people on another forum are saying it does have to pass emissions!

What do turbo bearings cost to replace?

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go to find a part i go a turbo for £105,but you wot the lamber with it

it does not need emissions coz my did not get testdid if you get the car

to bracknell i will get it moted. do you know turbo bearings r gon coz

this blok i do not like 1k to fix a lamber or cat.

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the garage is talking crap. tell him to fit a new lambda sensor.. that will bring the emissions down if indeed they are high (which is unlikley, even a catless 3.0 turbo will sail through emissions).

If you want some decent advice go ask on the owners club www.forum.mkiiisupra.net

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hi mate its right about the car being tested for emissions it cant be tested as such they can check for richness of the engine etc , if you do find it is the cat has gone on it, u can get a cat replacment pipe for it as its a 1990 spec some had cats some didnt and the law states it doesnt need a cat on it as it was just going through the change on a 1990 ;) which is what im doing with mine, as were on the subject lol anyone got any looks on longlife exhaust for a mk3 supra is it a good investment or get an aftermarket one for cheaper ?

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