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Soon To Be Celica Owner...general Questions!


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Hello to everyone. My girlfriend is in the market for a Celica, preferably a 1994-1999 body style, but she's looking at the newer ones also.

My question is:

Is there a particular year/package that is superior to the rest in the 1994-1999 year range, and any years that have notable problems/engineering flaws? My girlfriend is looking seriously at the convertible models -- how do they fair? I know that quality of any car is relative to the condition at which it was kept/maintained, but I know that some are prone to problems more than others.

Thank you for your time, and I apologize in advance for the newbie questions, but I want to help her make an informed purchase vs. what she's doing now: "OOOH I like this one!" and buying anything that might be a ticking timebomb.



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Both of the generation celicas your looking at are both excellent cars. I`m not saying that because of any mis-placed manufacturer loyalty. If you have a browse through the forums you will see that - with one or two exceptions - the majority of posts/comments are positive. there`s not many car forums that can boast that. Usually people only post on other forums when they have a problem. :yes:

I can`t comment on actual ownership of these cars as mines an older model, but from what i`ve read over the past year and a bit, you wont go far wrong with either. Obviously you`ll have to make sure that whatever you buy has a full service history etc. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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I have never experienced any "common" problems in either of my Gen 5's.

The one to look out for would be the SS3 (GT-Four aside). Has a VVT engine and a nice bit of kit from the factory but you will pay for it. If shes not too worried bout the performance then your better off just getting one with a decent kit and some alloys and saving some cash. Both the 3S-FE and 3S-GE perform well, the GE being more peaky and the FE offering more low down power and smoother delivery. The convertible ones I have never really looked at too much. The mechanism tends to add significant weight and in my opinion just adds more stuff to go wrong.

Either way a decent car that should give you few problems.

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No problems. If you want a more informed response to a particular model. GT, ST or whatever, This is the place to ask. I think between us we`ve got them all covered. :thumbsup:

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