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Lift Better In 6th Than 5th Gear?


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Just thought to ask you guys about your experiences... Had a try today and the lift kicking in seems to be more noticeable in last gear compared to the fifth. It feels ok in fifth too, but in sixth it really feels like more power kicking in.... Maybe it is just my imagination, it is going rather fast at those rpm:s in those gears so maybe it was just a feeling i got.... (195km/h+ @6500 in 6th) But i tried it a couple of times, going from 5500-6500+ rpm in both fifth and sixth gear, and it seemed like sixth was pulling better... Goes pretty well in both ;) Had it up to 220 according to the speedo, which should be pretty accurate coz I had it calibrated when the new wheels got putten on, and was still picking up some speed. I believe the 225 km/h is a figure that can for sure be reached, think it goes even faster than that... (like the 0-100km/h @8,4 according to Toyota and a lot less by magazines testing the car) Great fun nevertheless to drive, at any speed :thumbsup::thumbsup: :D :D :D :D :D :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Don´t know about the gears there m8 but i got the time 0-60 yesterday and my Corolla did it in exactly 8 seconds. And then we were 2 persons in the car + a little uphill. So i think you could make it around 7.7 seconds if you shift the gears very good.

This machine is f :censor: king amazing... i get a smile on my face everytime i rev up the engine :D

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my father has reached 240 km/h but it has the advantage of being lowered 30mm

Mine too... lowered that is.

I think that it is not even an option to leave it standard, too high and too loose, in my opinion any way ;)

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