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Why Hasnt Upping Boost Given Me More Power?


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anyone got a recomendation.

im getting mixed answeres about my car and what route i should go down for power mods. Anyone know of a company local to berkshire


one company says one thing another says something else.

i have an avcr running 1.1 bar boost and its given me no power increse from what it was before i fitted it.

My car was rr about a year ago at 266 (fly) now with the 1.1 bar read 262!?!?

the car at higher boost is now over fueling.

HELP!? surele upping the boost should have given me more bhp?

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Have you serviced the car since then? decent plugs and leads will make a big difference if the old one's are....old!

Plugs don't last long on tubby's.

Also regular Oil changes are a must, every 3-6k i'd say

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thats exactlly what they said.

i change Oil all the time but no i havent changed plugs or leads, you got any recomended brands?

they did say because of the time diffrence between my first rr and now that may have caused the drop. but a drop with even more boost just dont seem right.

do you think a good service would make that much diffrence?

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I do, msherry had similar issue's with his car, he was also loosing power and replaced just the plugs with denso Iridium (SP) ones from envy and they sorted the car out big time, made a huge difference.

Also check your air filter, it could need a clean if its an after market one or replace it if its just standard.

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servicing does wonders!

as the engines under that much pressure it soon kills things off

i do my Oil every 3k and it always seems to breath a sigh of relief for the next 1000miles or so :yes:

and the plugs take a serious beating!

certain things help aswell, dont use Castrol magnetec, i did and my engine sounded terrible! i was posting on here thinking it was going to blow up, millers or mobil1 are a good choice, im running Mobil now and it purrs like a kitten and doesnt sound like a diesel on start up

ive found the NGK needle point plugs do a superb job aswell but about 4 times as much as regular plugs

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