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Help A New Toyota Owner

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:help: hi everyone. i'm new to the forum and i really need help. i was given a w reg corolla by my mum who went out and got the rav4. i was also given a brand new mp3 cd player by someone else (it's a roadstar 354mpfm/B) i wanted to install this myself so i found the tutorial posted up here and i followed everything to the letter. i managed to remove the head unit and what not. but i discovered that the buttons and controls are installed in the pod and i've tried to see if they can be taken out but i've not found a way. so now i have a hole in the dash which look like this


the inside of the pod looks like this


if anyone out there can offer me any help or solutions i'd be very gratefull

thanks in advance

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The tutorial is all you really need. Ive got the facelifted corolla too and its the same. You just install the headunit in place of the original toyota head unit. (You dont need to touch the pod!) You will need a set of wiring harnesses (£14 from Halfords) and then just plug it in and off you go!

There will be one connector block hanging free as it used to plug into the toyota unit and mean you could control the player from the pod.

An aftermarket CD player makes the pod useless as audio controls but it still works as trip computer.

Im going to get a pre-facelift pod for mine and use it as a storage compartment as im hoping for a double DIN CD player which will take up both DIN compartments in the centre console.

Hope at least some of this essay made sense and good luck!

Give me a shout if you get stuck or need anymore advice!

Ross :thumbsup:


SNAP! lol

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