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Cheapest Place For Eibach Springs?


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who would peeps suggest?

im after 25mm pro kit for my rev2.

i've got eyestrain from all my looking, and would like a definitive answer - maybe from someone who has bought some cheap? i keep coming across £180, can this be bettered? :unsure:

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he does indeed, we had a pm discussion but i dont want rev3 ones as they lower my rev2 more than 25mm, and this is as far as i want to go. :(

so what about shops? :unsure:

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I was after these springs for my 2.

I looked everywhere and DCDesign was the cheapest !

But they will match others also !



The Pro kit are a 25mm drop and much better for comfort than the sportline kit. These are £161.00 and we garantee to beat ANY price like for like should you find these cheaper elsewhere. You can see the details online here: http://www.dcdezign.com/details.asp?item=e...vehicle_ref=393

The sportlnies are a 40mm drop and a fair bit stiffer than the Pro Kits. These are special order only though as they have to be imported from America. They are £175 and you can see the details here: http://www.dcdezign.com/details.asp?item=e...vehicle_ref=393

We will beat ANY price should you find out products cheaper elsewhere.

Please let me know if you have any queires or other products that you might be interested in.

Thank you,



URL: http://www.DCDezign.com

Email: Sales@DCDezign.com

Tel: 01438 227 582 / 07092 374 656

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