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Hello Im New To The Site - Timing Belt


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hello peeps

im new to the site, but not new to turbo cars!

iv just bought an mr2 rev2 turbo, and its cambelt is due for a change. doesnt look like it can be done with the engine in, can it be tilted up?

il be completing the task tommorow and just wondering if anybody has an tips and advise?



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Don't have to take engine out... it just requires a fair bit of patience, and the ability to get to some nightmare 10mm bolts!!!

Check the cam belt tensioner too. If any doubt whatsoever, replace it. In fact, I'd replace it anyway for ~£30.

This might help...


Good luck mate. Check and check again everything you do... you don't want an expensive mistake.


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I have watched my ex-Toyota mechanic do this without removing the engine. He removes the two side engine mounts, lifts the car and then places a steel bar or block of wood under the cam-belt side of the engine and lowers the car so the engine is tilted for easier access. Best be sure the engine mounts are up to this before attempting it though... :unsure:

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