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Aquamist Kit Not Working


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hi peeps

i have an aquamist water/meth injection kit that the car came with, but i dont thik its working.... :rolleyes:

what are the possible reasons for this?

and how are they usualy set up to work on the 2 turbo's, is it on full throttle or constant? how can i tell?



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It depends on which system you have. The basic system (the one I have) is controlled by a pressure sensor. On mine when the boost gets to 6psi the sensor triggers the relay, which in turn sends power to the pump. The pump takes water/methanol from the reservoir and sends it down the tube to the nozzle. If it's not working it could be any one of these things - could be a blocked jet/filter/tube, no power to the switch/relay/pump - almost any combination.

The more expensive systems can be triggered from standalone ECUs or Aquamist's own programmable unit. Take a look at the Aquamist forums and their website for lots more info.

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