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Am going to change my filter and Oil, can anyone tell me the best type of Oil to use(not the cheapest :D ).And how much does it take with or without filter?

Luckly not had the problem with Oil comsumption (yet <_< ) some have posted about, maybe because the car had an engine change at 40K.

The cars a 2001 1.8 Gls VVTi saloon. I've also read on the forum about the different engines, is there any thing that can tell me for sure what engine i have when i look under the bonnet?.



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Can't really help you with which Oil though a few people reckon the 1.8 VVTi is less likely to suffer with the horendous Oil consumption issue with some oils over others.

I would say though, make sure you get a proper Toyota Oil filter, there no dearer than an aftermarket one and in some cases a few pence cheaper but they also have special valve from what i've read in the past which after market ones don't.

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Never heard of a 'special' valve for original filters myself? However the difference in cost is only a few quid. After market (Japanese) can be bought for £2.50. I've never had a problem with them and I've been servicing my own cars for 20 years.

Semi Synthetic 10-40W should be spot on, although a full synthetic is better but with addditional cost.

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OEM Oil is Texaco 5-W30 sho should be ok. If you want to check engine type there's several ways you can do it:

1. Take off the plastic head cover. The injectors (plastic connections towards the front of the vehicle) will be green

2. Again whilst looking towards into the engine bay on the left hand side (drivers side in the UK) there may well be a label still on the chain cover (by the belt) that has some thing like "E1Z - xxx" (replace x with a few other letters) that means 1ZZ (i.e. 1.8L)

3. Also looking towards engine bay on right hand side (passenger side in uk) on the engine above the transmission you should find etched in the engine type. If it says 1ZZ it's a 1.8L

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