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Fitting An Aftermarket Cd Changer


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hey guys, just wondering how i would be able to make it possible to install a cd/dvd changer with its own controls into my yaris so that all the Speakers will still function to my normal yaris tape/radio. i want to do this because i want to get cd/dvd changer so that i can install screens at a later point. the changer itself will have its own remote, but i wil still want the tape and radio to work also. maybe if there's a way to function the sound of the changer via the "cd" function of the "tape/cd" button? help!

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Welcome to the club, use the search button, theres loads of step-by-step guides to doing pretty much everything on 1 part of the site or another, I'd be absolutely amazed if there wasnt 1 that could help you

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Hi and welcome!

As Kev said, use the search button, but mine (a Sony MD changer) has been fitted using a "Connects 2" box thing...

Oh look! As I'm a nice guy I've done it for you. There's a link to the topic you want here that has annotated piccies and stuff of how mine's fitted and also another link to a "How to" on the subject in the very first post.

Good luck and let us know how you get on...



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