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Mr2 (mk2 Query)


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All depends what tpye of Mk2 MR2 your looking at :) There's 5 revisions.

I now a few 2's for sale froom differnt clubs at the mo so might be able to sort you out a n owners club car so you'll know it's history and that it's been looked after.....

18's I think are the biggest although have seen 19's once (they look foul). Personally wouldn't go bigger than 17's as your then affecting the handling and ride comfort of the car.

Drop me an email using the button below with the following and I'll see what I can find out for you.


Turbo or NA

Prefered Colour

T-Bar, Sunroof, or Tin Top

Any other info....

Should be able to find the info pretty quickyl and will post mopre info tomorrow after had some sleep

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Looking for non-turbo version prefer with sunroof.

Budget 3k

Colour anything but yellow or red

prefer based in Scotland

Ahh thats good, when I phone about the red import in Autotrader you wont have beten me to it.

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