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Sound System Headache On The Ae111


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hello all!!

got a bit of a problem and wanted to know if any of you lot could help..

well basically i've got some amps and sub in my ae111 rolla but when the music is played there is some interference coming from the Speakers which is highly annoying.

ive got my power cables running along the right side of the car and aidio cables on the left. obviously this is wrong as it causes a buzzing noise (interference). so i would like to know how u lot do yours and which way is the best to minimise the interference.

cheers!! :thumbsup:

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Try re-earthing your system.

Sounds to me like a bad earth somewhere along the wiring. Does it only interfer with the engine running i.e when the alternator is running and blipping the throttle creates a high pitched noise through the Speakers?

Turn your HU volume to 0 and blip the throttle and listen to one of the Speakers to hear for the noise

Run the cables in parrell along the footwells and ensure that the earth is in a good position. Try and run away from the HU the best you can as this can sometimes cause inteference as well. It's also much easier to run power cables down the left from where the position of the Battery is in the engine bay. Run all audio cables down the right as described above

If that doesn't work, come back and I have another thing you can try.

Kev :)

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