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went to ten of the best yesterday.just got a couple of gripes :ffs:

now the event was advertised as ten of the fastest cars in europe! it may have been my eyes not working but the furthest a car travelled to that event was from scotland :eek:

secondly the price £20 pp for what!!! maybe ime expecting too much but for that kind of money i expect to see some decent safety fencing and a bit of a better spectacle than a track laid out with a few blue and white cones. a P.A system that was poor to say the least, and just ONE portaloo that didnt smell like a camels ***** :censor:

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I really enjoyed it yesterday - iirc its open to everyone in europe but its their responsibility to turn up and race (redline cant force cars from the contient to come over)

i thought £20 was reasonable because its one of the best events of the show season - its about the real side of car modding and you do get to see some of the best cars out there going head to head

Its fantastic to see cars getting just over 9 seconds down the strip! and breaking records (subaru that broke ten second barrier )

and i like the fact that its open to anybody - just look at the granada that went down (doing it for the fords) and the maestro :D

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i enjoyed it :yes:

could have got the tickets cheaper in advance but there you go

for 20 quid i think was more than made up with the quality of the cars

9.3 skyline

worlds first sub 10sec scooby

+200mph top speeds

i came back impressed :)

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*couldnt make it due to other commitments... but also was put off by the £20 per person... even £15 per person in advance was a little much... but then again I generally go to these things for the people more than the cars :P

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my main gripe was definately the price :censor: the cars were pretty awesome but like moffmo said did anyone actually see :eek: the 200mph top speeds??

i was with a bunch of lads who go bike drag racing there they were a bit dissapointed with the times :eek: one of them who hasnt even passed his bike test has done a sub 10 ( nutters!!!!!!!)

hers some more eye candy boys :D

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